Clumsy Santa’s Identity Finally Revealed!

Wishing all my friends Happy Holidays, safe travels and a well-deserved rest over the festive season.

Life can be pretty serious, but occasionally we need to look at the lighter side and have a laugh at ourselves. So, in the spirit of the season, I have decided to reveal that I was the Santa who fell out of the rescue boat headfirst onto the beach. That video went viral. The video has had over 12 million views globally and was featured on CNN, the NBC Today Show as well as several other news channels as far afield as the UK and Australia. 

I am an active Volunteer Sea Rescue First Responder for the South African National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). The NSRI is a South African NGO that operates and relies on donor funding and the services of over 1000 volunteers, including myself. The NSRI serves the public by providing essential rescue services that save lives both at sea and in fresh water, with operations spanning the entire South African coastline and inland waters. 

I became a volunteer after losing my brother in a drowning accident in 2006. Every First Responder has a reason and purpose behind what first compels them to run towards danger, miss dinners with friends and family and undertake rigorous training. Being part of the NSRI mission led me to a life devoted to improving First Responses through technology. RapidDeploy has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of Dispatchers and First Responders around the world, and there isn’t a day I am not humbled by the incredible work you all do. 

I appeal to you to please lend your support to the NSRI this holiday season.

Be Safe.



Steve Raucher, CEO