RapidDeploy won the 2019 Microsoft US Partner Award for Industry – Government

By Reinhard Ekl

After recently being named a finalist for the global Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Government technology, we just received even more exciting news: Microsoft just announced that RapidDeploy has won the 2019 Microsoft US Partner Award for Industry – Government. This makes us especially proud because it recognizes the impact we have on the digital transformation for government agencies here in the United States. While RapidDeploy was originally born in South Africa, our technology has recently taken off here in the US and it’s very rewarding to see this trend recognized at such a high level.

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Our Co-Founders Brett Meyerowitz & Steve Raucher will accept this award on behalf of the entire RapidDeploy team at the upcoming Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. While we await this exciting event in great anticipation, I want to share my thoughts and reflections on this award.


I personally believe that there are three main reasons why RapidDeploy has won this award:  

First, our mission. Everything we do is targeted towards saving lives by reducing emergency response times and improving situational awareness. RapidDeploy was built by first responders for first responders, and we’re staying true to our passion for emergency response. While many Microsoft partners develop amazing solutions for all industries, we truly believe that what we do makes a difference when it matters the most.  

Second, we’re transforming an industry that had been starved for technology innovation. Many of our customers are state & local government agencies that are experiencing modern cloud technology for the first time through RapidDeploy. We firmly believe that it’s just a question of when, not if, 9-1-1 centers will move to the cloud – it’s very exciting to have early adopter customers who share our vision.  

Third, we are fully committed to Microsoft technology. Whether it’s hosting in the Azure Government Cloud, PowerBi for Analytics and Visualizations, Dynamics365 for customer workflows, Azure IoT Hub for our patented Emergency Data Gateway device, or any of the countless other Microsoft technologies – we couldn’t be happier with our choice to rely on modern, reliable and secure technology that is ready to serve public safety and other government agencies.  

Please join us at Microsoft Inspire 2019 to celebrate with us, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to schedule a conversation to see how we can help your government agency embark on the digital transformation.  

Reinhard Ekl