RapidDeploy Radius Tactical Mapping Platform Now Includes Visualization of All Current 9-1-1 calls for Enhanced Situational Awareness

By Brooks Shannon, VP of Product Management

Austin, TX, October 7th, 2019 – RapidDeploy announces a unique feature enhancement to Radius Mapping: Call-takers now have the ability to display all current and recent 9-1-1 wireless and landline calls as an additional layer within Radius. This unique feature was developed in partnership with agencies in California using Radius as part of the Statewide Cal OES Location Accuracy & Validation project.  

The first question in every 9-1-1 call is “What’s the location of your emergency?” When a 9-1-1 call-taker picks up the phone, there is simply no time to manually enter a phone number, look through a long list of potential calls, or switch to a secondary screen to compare locations. Every additional step in the workflow wastes valuable time, delaying life-saving emergency responses.  

Radius’ seamless integration displays real-time call information automatically – carrier information (ALI/ANI) and supplemental location information from modern smartphones are displayed side by side for the current call. There is no need to follow any manual steps – location information loads automatically on the map when the call-taker answers the call. 

In some situations, however, only looking at the current call at hand doesn’t give the full picture. What if the PSAP is receiving multiple calls about the same incident? Coordinating among call-takers just got a lot easier – the enhanced GIS view simplifies workflows and improves outcomes. With the new “All Calls” feature, call-takers now have an additional tool in their belt: a map layer that shows both current and recent 9-1-1 calls on the map.  

Higher res screenshot.PNG

Supervisors can now proactively monitor the activity of multiple call-takers and identify emerging trends or large incidents in real-time.  

This feature enhancement further solidifies RapidDeploy Radius’ unique competitive advantage as the most advanced 9-1-1 tactical mapping solution on the market: 

  • Radius automatically displays ALI/ANI location information, specifically for each call taking position for wireless, landline and VOIP calls (no need to manually enter a number or select a call from a list) 

  • Radius automatically displays supplemental location information and additional data from integration partners (e.g., RapidDeploy is the first and only RapidSOS Platinum integration partner) 

  • Radius is built on a sophisticated GIS platform with a deep Esri integration that allows agencies to easily integrate their own authoritative GIS data (e.g., custom base maps, map layers, feature services, and address locators via geocode services) in addition to using out-of-the box, worldwide GIS datasets from a variety of sources 

  • Radius includes multiple live data streams like real-time traffic information, Waze traffic incident feeds, live weather, video feeds, etc. 

  • With Radius Plus, additional situational awareness features such as two-way texting with real-time language translation 

  • When used in conjunction with RapidDeploy’s Nimbus CAD, Radius displays CAD incidents and real-time unit locations – eliminating the need to have multiple mapping applications within your agency 

Like every enhancement to RapidDeploy products, the new “All Calls” feature in Radius was upgraded over-the-air to all Radius customers without any downtime or additional cost to customers. Radius is a cloud-native solution hosted in Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, delivering future-proof technology to 9-1-1 that is easy to deploy, affordable to agencies of all sizes, reliable and resilient, and rich in features and interfaces.  

To learn more about Radius and how it can improve response times in your agency, click here to schedule a demo and get access to a customer case study.  

Lacey McDaniel