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Demystify Analytics and Make Data-Driven Decisions for Today and Tomorrow with Edge Analytics

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All features are powered by a NG911 GIS platform that leverages all ESRI capabilities and you own authoritative GIS data. 

  • Real-Time Data

    RapidDeploy Edge Analytics processes your 911 phone and CAD incident data in the cloud in real-time to derive actionable insights

  • Data-Driven History

    Consolidates data sources distributed across various systems and locations into master data for “single version of the truth” analysis

  • Data Dashboards & Visualizations

    Interactive reports and visualizations provide you with unique insights into patterns, trends and performance issues of your communications center

  • AI Capable

    Edge provides advanced statistical and pattern matching capabilities using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology services

  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

  • Mobile Enabled

  • End-to-End Reporting

  • Continuous Improvement


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Edge has a simple subscription-based pricing model with no hidden fees.


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