Features & Functionality

Our system boasts the latest technological features to dispatch, manage and streamline your agency.


Market leader in dispatching

RapidDeploy uses best in class cloud and Telematics technology to enhance situational awareness for First Responders. 



Intelligent call capture

Unbelievable accuracy and time saving integrations allow precise incident location discovery. Assistance scripts and dynamic forms allow capturing of specific information for First Responders in the field.



Bulk dispatch

Multi-agency, multi-service drag and drop ability to dispatch Responders in Police, Fire and EMS.



Fully integrated vehicle and responder tracking

AVL and APL are core components of RapidDeploy.



Full incident lifecycle management

From Incident Creation, Call Take, Dispatch and Reporting – we have you covered.



Mobile workforce management

Full Field Service ability with Dynamic Forms, Artificial Intelligence, License Plate Scanning, Driver’s License Scanning, Scene Photos and Signatures.  Assign Status and Beats through integrated Workflow Status Monitor.



Route optimization

Get there faster, using the most efficient route.  Integration with Mapping Services allows accurate routing of vehicles.



Event scheduling

Schedule your special events, from Game Day to festivals in the platform.


Take Your 9-1-1 Center to the Future

Speak with one of our cloud-based CAD experts about what RapidDeploy can do for your organization