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Advantages of RapidDeploy

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Calltakers benefit from the world-wide only ProQA Titanium integration, best in class tactical mapping with supplemental location sources, and situational awareness tools such as two-way texting with AI-powered real-time language translation.

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Dispatchers enjoy RapidDeploy’s proprietary Response Plan Engine, highly configurable Tactical Grids and Boards, as well as dozens of unique features like dynamic ETA predictions based on real-time traffic data.

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Responders in the field are always connected and tracked using Advanced Telematics, Mobile Apps for Android & iOS as well as web-based MDC/MDT features. These features allow agencies to improve offer safety and situational awareness. With Samsung’s DeX platform, you can even turn any response vehicle into a mobile command post.



All features are powered by a NG911 GIS platform that leverages all ESRI

capabilities and your own authoritative GIS data.


Tactical Map Display

An easy to use multi-layered mapping that leverages all ESRI capabilities and any agency authoritative GIS data. Turn layers on and off, as needed with the click of a button.



Intelligent Call Handling

Unbelievable accuracy and time saving integrations allow precise incident location discovery. Assistance scripts and dynamic forms allow capturing of specific information for First Responders in the field.



Bulk Dispatch

Multi-agency, multi-service drag and drop ability to dispatch Responders in Police, Fire and EMS.



End-to-End Tracking

Track the event from end-to-end. Be in the know at all times with real-time data and save any changes that occurred for data compliance tracking.



Business Intelligence (BI)

Collect Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics to make data-driven decisions today and prevent problems tomorrow utilizing BI data.



Mobile Workforce Management

Full Field Service ability with Dynamic Forms, Artificial Intelligence, License Plate Scanning, Driver’s License Scanning, Scene Photos and Signatures.  Assign Status and Beats through integrated Workflow Status Monitor.



Route Optimization

Get there faster, using the most efficient route.  Integration with Mapping Services allows accurate routing of vehicles.



Event Scheduling

Schedule your special events, from Game Day to festivals in the platform.



Take Your Agency to the Future

Speak with one of our cloud-based CAD experts about what RapidDeploy can do for your organization


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