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Advantages of Nimbus CAD



Calltakers benefit from the world-wide only ProQA Titanium integration, best in class tactical mapping with supplemental location sources, and situational awareness tools such as two-way texting with AI-powered real-time language translation.

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Dispatchers enjoy RapidDeploy’s proprietary Response Plan Engine, highly configurable Tactical Grids and Boards, as well as dozens of unique features like dynamic ETA predictions based on real-time traffic data.



Responders in the field are always connected and tracked using Advanced Telematics, Mobile Apps for Android & iOS as well as web-based MDC/MDT features. These features allow agencies to improve officer safety and situational awareness. With Samsung’s DeX platform, you can even turn any response vehicle into a mobile command post.


Integrated Ecosystem of Features

All features are powered by a NG911 GIS platform that leverages all ESRI capabilities and your own authoritative GIS data.


Call-Taking Features

Leverage the power of the Cloud in 9-1-1 Call-Taking to respond with greater location accuracy and situational awareness.

  • RapidSOS Platinum Integration Partner

  • ProQA Tri-Service Titanium Integration Partner

  • RapidLocate - Locate calls when there is no 9-1-1 location information

  • RapidVideo - Live video stream from the scene

  • Two-way texting and real-time language translations

  • Waze & Dark Sky Integrations - Real-time weather and traffic incident feeds



Dispatching Features

Drive time polygons with real-time traffic, live ETA predictions, point-and-click and command line, tactical grids and boards, and configurable response plans.

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Responder Features

Advanced telematics, mobile and MDC apps, and real-time AVL from devices and applications with:

  • Unprecedented situational awareness in the field

  • Intuitive UI to access incident details

  • Workflow automation through image recognition



Rich Dashboards and Analytics

Geographic mapping of historic incident distribution reports and analytics to view:

  • Heat maps

  • Detailed clusters

  • Automatic KPI dashboard

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Situational Awareness

Real-time data feed layers with Waze and Dark Sky integrations to give dispatchers and responders live traffic and road information with hyper-local weather updates.


Take Your Agency to the Future

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See how Nimbus supports Collier County, FL

RapidDeploy has developed and deployed Nimbus CAD, a Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution hosted in Microsoft Azure Government. Nimbus helps agencies harness the power of cloud-based technology by allowing quick deployments of a future-proof platform with rich features and interfaces, without a need for costly hardware or complicated implementation projects.

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