(Left) Brett Meyerowitz, (Middle) Steven Raucher, (Right) Reinhard Ekl

(Left) Brett Meyerowitz, (Middle) Steven Raucher, (Right) Reinhard Ekl


RapidDeploy was born in Cape Town, South Africa after Steve Raucher and Brett Meyerowitz teamed up with the personal calling to re-imagine a platform that would help alleviate the problems dispatchers, responders, and all others involved in emergency response had identified. They developed a new species of Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) technology that is completely different from the current legacy CAD 9-1-1 systems, that are inherently flawed and increasingly becoming obsolete.  

While working as a paramedic, Brett, Co-Founder & CTO, pinpointed what was holding most emergency responders back. He was startled to discover deep inefficiencies within the system and decided to take things into his own hands to start building a mobile platform that would help dispatchers  and responders make the most of their efforts.  

Shortly after in 2015, Steven, Co-Founder & CEO, joined the effort to make a difference after experiencing a personal tragedy. Steven instantly connected to the mission and jumped on board bringing 8 years of volunteer experience and 20 years of IT programming in the banking sector– designing trading systems and living between New York and London.  

“I became a volunteer after losing my brother in a drowning accident in 2006. Every First Responder has a reason and purpose behind what first compels them to run towards danger, miss dinners with friends and family and undertake rigorous training. Being part of the NSRI mission led me to a life devoted to improving First Responses through technology. RapidDeploy has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of Dispatchers and First Responders around the world, and there isn’t a day I am not humbled by the incredible work you all do.”  

- Steven Raucher, Co-Founder & CEO 


The Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform Brett and Steve created accounts for all the gaps they saw with the legacy CAD system that uses a hosted thick client server – on-premise server base. Alternatively, RapidDeploy utilizes advanced telematics and a web-based html5- cloud hosted interface, that creates a full electronic ecosystem that gives users complete control of their system from end-to-end in real-time that increase situational awareness and saves lives.

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