Meet The RapidDeploy Team



Steve Raucher Headshot.jpg

Steven Raucher

Co-Founder & CEO

Before working in public safety, Steven had a 20-year career in the banking sector, where he was involved in IT programming – designing trading systems and living between New York and London.

In 2015, after suffering a personal tragedy, Steven trained to become a first responder. He wanted to help others on the front line. Not long afterwards, he jumped at the opportunity to become CEO of RapidDeploy. He has been travelling the world and showcasing this incredible public safety solution ever since.


Brett Meyerowitz

Co-Founder & CTO

Brett has combined over 15 years of proven experience in IT with a passion for streamlining the way emergency services are deployed. He began working for Intel after school, before making his way to London, where he was CTO of an online gaming business for ten years.

On his return to South Africa, he became interested in driving efficiency in emergency services. He completed his Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA) training and started working on the road, gaining real world experience learning what was holding these teams back. He was surprised to discover deep inefficiencies within the system and decided to start building a mobile platform to help medics and dispatchers make the most of their efforts.


Reinhard Ekl

Chief Operating Officer

An industry leader in the 9-1-1 community who has demonstrated the ability to strategically effect change and promote innovation on a nationwide scale. Previous roles include Vice President of Product and Public Safety at RapidSOS, where he was instrumental in partner management, product, process and policy leadership as well as the development and rollout of the NG911 Clearinghouse. Reinhard also previously held roles at The Boston Consulting Group and Google. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and has over 10 years’ experience as a volunteer Paramedic and EMS Incident Commander.


Alex Kreilein

Chief Information Security Officer

Alex Kreilein is the Chief Information Security Officer for RapidDeploy, where he manages security strategy and operations for the company. Previously, Alex was CTO of SecureSet, which is a cybersecurity startup as well as Managing Partner of Darkfield, which is an early-stage cybersecurity venture fund. Previously, Kreilein served as a lead cybersecurity strategist at the Department of Homeland Security and as a Guest Researcher for the National Institute of Standards & Technology where he supported the development of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, LTE and mobile device/application strategy, as well as key efforts in Federal cybersecurity policy. Kreilein also worked for Congresswoman Jane Harman where he lead her telecommunications, cybersecurity, and public safety policy, where he supported efforts leading to the establishment of FirstNet. He has been a Cybersecurity Fellow with the New America Foundation and often presents leading-edge research at conferences such as DEF CON on NG9-1-1 hacking and exploitation methods of mission-critical environments. Kreilein holds an MS from CU Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science and an MA from the US Naval War College.


Operations & Customer Experience


Darran Finn

General Manager - South Africa

Over the past 17 years, Darran has been involved in a broad range of roles, both in South Africa and abroad, helping start-ups and global entities achieve their goals. Before joining RapidDeploy, he was a business leader with MasterCard for almost 7 years in operational, product and sales roles.

He brings a wealth of experience to the day-to-day running of the business and enjoys working as part of team that is able to make a positive difference to lives all around the world.


Graham Rogoff

Head of Special Projects - South Africa

Graham has a successful 20-year track record delivering business solutions through collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams. His expertise lies in business issues and needs identification, business process and solution design, IT solution architecture and the implementation of business improvement projects.

Graham thrives on making practical sense of large amounts of input. He has a bias for action, a strong commitment to adding value and is particularly skilled in fostering good relationships and communication within teams. His academic history and professional career stands him in good stead to drive and support complex projects and manage relationships at all levels.

Martine Color.jpg

Martine Friedland

HR/Legal - South Africa

Martine is a qualified attorney with both local and international experience. Leveraging her legal training, she moved into Executive level administrative support and has extensive experience in this field.


Ryan Chandler

Director of Program Management - USA

Ryan has worked on Information Technology transformation initiatives throughout his 12 year career, focused on delivering value for clients through business process and technology improvements. He worked primarily in a consulting capacity for federal, state, and local government entities, spanning a wide range of industry verticals, including public safety, environmental regulation, and financial management. Most recently, Ryan spent several years leading a team of engineers in support of a large state agency’s Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) design, analysis, and testing program. Ryan is passionate about helping clients achieve their missions by leveraging technology and will be focused on leading delivery and implementation of RapidDeploy products in support of our client’s efforts to improve emergency response outcomes.


Abbigail Faddell

Project Coordinator - South Africa

Abbie has worked for 6 years in the corporate world as a Project Coordinator and Technical Writer at a well-known international IT Services and Solutions company. She has worked on a vast number of complex and involved projects throughout her career and strives for visibility, collaboration and perfection at all times. Along with her project management experience, Abbie brings her passion for people and making a difference to the lives of others.


Stanford Nomdo

Training - South Africa

Stanford is responsible for training emergency staff to get the best out of RapidDeploy’s integrated software application. He has been working within the communications industry for 27 years and in the Emergency Medical Communication Sector for 8 years.

During that time, he has been exposed to a wide range of emergency vehicle dispatch programs and platforms. He has a real passion for skills development and is honoured to have been tasked with training the Western Cape Emergency Services dispatchers and the call takers at the Department of Health (EMS).


Eric de Korte

Head of Support - South Africa

Before his 6 years of work in corporate IT system administration, Eric was a full-time medic and devoted the majority of his time to helping others when they were at their most vulnerable.

In that time, he saw the need to advance the emergency services sector and bring it into the new digital age of cloud computing. And so, in 2017, he joined RapidDeploy, helping to fuse technology and emergency medicine and make his vision a reality.


Molly Conaboy

Project Manager - USA

Molly has extensive experience coordinating with local government offices to support NG9-1-1 related efforts. She served as a client manager for over 20 government clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. Prior to managing projects, she served as a technical resource to create, edit, and repair address data. She has also spoken at several conferences on the importance of being NG9-1-1 ready, and data editing best practice. Most recently Molly helped government clients identify GIS data needs, software requirements, and set priorities to prepare for NG9-1-1 through facilitated workshops and educational series. She also currently serves as the president of the Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems.


Ryan Chambers

Training Specialist - USA

Ryan has 12 years of Public Safety Experience. Ryan has spent time as a fire fighter, 911 telecommunicator, and professional public safety instructor. During this time, Ryan has also been on several speaking panels and committees for large associations such as APCO, NENA, and IAED. Holding many high level certifications from APCO and NENA. Ryan has quickly become a go to person for training in the Public Safety Field. His efforts were rewarded in 2018 by receiving the Texas APCO Presidents Award and also the 2018 National NENA Presidents Award.

Johnathan .jpg

Jonathan Dean

Training Specialist - USA

Jonathan has over 26 years experience in Public Safety. He began his career in the Public Safety arena at the Winston Salem Police Department in North Carolina with various promotional roles, from telecommunications operator to Communication Squad Supervisor. After his tenure at the police department, he ventured into corporate with his job at OSSI; currently CentralSquare Technologies. His roles at CentralSquare consisted of Conference Presenter, Client Data Auditor, and Training Specialist for CAD and Mobile users. Additionally, he was a consultant for system administrations. He has obtained his Masters in Business Administration (MBA), while maintaining state and national certifications by working part-time at my local sheriff’s department.


Samantha Brear

Project Manager - USA

Samantha has over ten years of experience in public safety. She started off her career in emergency management and volunteering for the American Red Cross. Her first role in 9-1-1 was being the project manager for three 9-1-1 centers within Iowa, as well as being a local emergency manager. From there she moved to the State of Iowa, followed by the State of Utah where she specialized in statewide Next Generation 911 upgrades, mass notification implementations and emergency management response. She has a Master’s degree in Emergency Management and is a NENA Emergency Number Professional (ENP).


Gunay Hunt

Head of Customer Success - USA

Gunay is a transformational leader with over 15 years of combined experience in Customer Success, Talent Management, Operations and Client Relations. She began her career in a financial industry, before realizing a true passion for IT and data. After working for a year with one of Microsoft’s vendors, she transitioned to Tableau, where for nearly 5 years she and her team delivered positive results in sustainable growth, quality, productivity, efficiency and customer experience for the enterprise software customers.

 Prior to RapidDeploy, Gunay worked at Rethink CRM, a platform designed for commercial real estate firms, where she oversaw functions including renewals, support and customer management. As a former volunteer at the National Domestic Violence Hotline and The Human Potential Center, she shares our passion for people, safety and helping customers achieve their mission by leveraging technology. Gunay cultivates a culture of human first approach, customer love and is responsible for instrumenting customer pathways, enabling them to get to value of using RapidDeploy and championing change in each relevant functional group.

Ronnie Miller Headshot.jpg

Ronnie Miller

Customer Success Specialist - USA

Ronnie Miller is a forward-thinking customer success specialist with a proven track record of developing and implementing strategies resulting in high customer retention, satisfaction, self-sufficiency, advocacy and growth. Her ability to build relationships with customers to solve complex business problems with creative solutions and open dialogue is her greatest strength and what she loves about her work.


Jessica Crause

Customer Success Specialist - South Africa

Jessica has her diploma in Hotel Business Management. She worked as a Hospitality Systems consultant for 6 years before getting her Scrum Master certification. She has spent the past 18 months at a Telecomms company as a support administrator until she realized that she was missing the customer interaction and support. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the wine lands and cooking for friends and family.


Reynaldo Garcia

Customer Success Specialist - USA

Reynaldo started his journey with Silvercar by Audi, where he was able to build and grow seamless implementation and customer success processes. Taking all his findings, he relayed vital customer related data to the product and development team, allowing them to build a fleet Management tool called "Dealerware". After successfully launching over 100 dealerships and tens of thousands of vehicles under management he felt ready to join his next team. He is eager and very excited to join RapidDeploy, and provide first responders a service that will enable them to be their best and save lives. 


Alex Nies

Implementation Specialist - USA

Before joining RapidDeploy Alex had spent the previous three years at a large PSAP where he worked with TCC’s and dispatchers to configure CAD mapping systems and ASAP interfacing.

Lead developing and managing authoritative NG911 GIS data. Was co-chair of a state level sub-committee charged with aiding counties in GIS preparedness for NG911. Has over 10 years experience in GIS, is Firefighter 1 certified, has TCC, Police, and Fire dispatch training. Draws from a wide range of technical and logic skills to understand complex systems and how data drives them. Has been primary GIS support on multiple CAD projects.

Jolie Website.jpg

Jolie Spiegelman

People Operations Associate - USA

Jolie Spiegelman is an experienced communicator who is passionate about bringing the right people together, and building networks. She also has a strong skill set in business operations and organizational development. Prior to RapidDeploy, Jolie spent two years at JPMorgan Chase & Co as a Corporate Responsibility Senior Analyst, working with the JPMorgan Chase Institute to deliver economic insights for the public good. She also gained professional experience as the Special Assistant to the President & CEO at the Millennial Action Project. Jolie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami, where she studied Political Science, International Studies, and Religious Studies. 


Business Development


Jon Samuelson

Director of Account Management - USA

Based in Austin, Texas, Jon has over 15-years of experience in consulting and software implementation spanning both public and private sectors for a number of large software and consulting companies. His experience ranges from custom and platform software implementations to sales and account management. More recently, Jon has been focused on serving the needs of the US State and Local government vertical with an emphasis on public safety and NG911. Jon heads up RapidDeploy’s Account Management Team for our US customers. His experience with full-lifecycle platforms over the course of his career will give RapidDeploy’s prospective customers a fresh perspective on the benefits and value-drivers for our SaaS platform.

Mike Guadan Headshot.jpg

Mike Guadan

Regional Director of Account Management - West Coast - USA

Michael is a USMC veteran with over fifteen years of DoD and public safety experience. Most recently, Michael worked directly with clients at various touch-points ensuring project success for cloud-based solutions such as computer aided dispatch (CAD) and records management (RMS). Michael is committed to bringing innovation and life-saving technology solutions to all first-responders. Michael appreciates every opportunity to work collaboratively with clients to achieve successful outcomes and deliver the latest technology to their respective agencies. 

FuquaJason-8870 bw.jpg

Jason Fuqua

Regional Director of Account Management - Southeast - USA

Jason has over 15 years of experience cultivating relationships and providing tailored solutions to meet the client’s needs. His consulting career originally begin in banking and finance advising on investment solutions and portfolio management in both small privately held firms and Fortune 500 Institutions. He enjoys continuously collaborating with internal and external business partners to establish and build a culture of continuous improvement and quality performance while identifying new strategic opportunities. Recently, he has worked with local and state government consulting on Public Safety initiatives across the country specifically as they relate to 911 and First Responder communication solutions. He has had the pleasure of working with 911 Boards and Public Safety Councils in multiple states championing technical, legislative, and governance advancements towards Next Generation 911.

Walter bw (1) - Copy.jpg

Walt Kaplan

Account Manager - USA

Walt is an emergency/tactical management professional with a record of supporting successful projects for top tier companies in all public safety arenas including EMS, firefighting, and law enforcement. He leverages his more than 25 years of emergency preparedness/response training to manage projects and mitigate client risk. His core competencies are strategic planning, change management, performance optimization, technical oversight and technical design.


Tania Minnich

Account Manager - USA

As an Account Executive and Inside Sales Leader, Tania has over 15 years of experience in Technology working with fortune 500 and small startups creating successful teams from scratch in the US and Globally. She takes pride in having a diverse perspective in business, which is a direct result of having worked with amazing leaders and coaches who provide me with supportive environments and encourage her to take challenging roles, as an expat assignment overseas, starting and leading a growing Inside Sales organization and as Account Executive covering key industries in the US and Globally. She is a first generation Honduran American, political refugee and activist of human rights. You can expect to see massive enthusiasm, collaboration and the weirdest sense of humor you have ever seen before, guaranteed.

Mac Laubscher BW.jpg

Machael Laubscher

Account Manager - International

Machael has worked in change management since 1995, including heading up a project of streamlining processes for the Tyco Group; a successful track record in helping clients convert from legacy on site to cloud based solutions which included software as a service, email security, telecoms and smart home and business security solutions. Mac has over 20 years’ experience in sales, building teams, managing key accounts and handling operations for both the private and public sector. Owning his own security firm primarily operating off smart technology, with a consistent 5 star customer service rating, Machael firmly has his head in the game. Due to personal experiences with medical, fire and law enforcement - he is completely driven to ensure the public have access to the fastest way to emergency services.


Ryan Morris

Public Safety Sales (SA & International)

Ryan started his career in community services from the age of 13, patrolling his neighbourhood and reporting incidents. His journey into emergency services started in 2008, when he completed his Basic Ambulance Assistant Course.

He volunteered for the Volunteer Wildfire Service in 2010 and joined the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement Auxiliary Department in 2012. Since then, Ryan has worked in EMS and private security. His previous employer was RapidDeploy’s first client.

Ari Bleifeld.JPG

Ari Bleifeld

Account Manager - Midwest - USA

Ari comes to RapidDeploy by way of a twelve-and-a-half-year career with the Atlanta Police Department.  Beginning life at the department as a patrol officer, he was later able to gain investigative experience as a member of a plain-clothes and undercover unit.  After promotion to detective, Ari was assigned to a specialized unit that focused on violent repeat offenders and organized crime; it was in this role that he had the opportunity to work as an FBI task force agent in order to build federal cases against violent criminals and gang members.  Ari and his team leader became recognized by leadership as internal resources capable of applying advanced solutions (in an industry that some may feel has historically been "tech-averse").  This led to requests for them to handle projects involving digital transformation and modernization.  Due to the city's strong relationship with Microsoft, Ari was able to gain insight into the advantages offered by the Azure Government environment through partnerships forged with regional and national level Microsoft personnel.  Ari ended his time with the department having served as the Chief of Police's Technology Advisor with oversight of all enterprise-level IT projects. 

Coming soon.PNG

Lacy Dove

Sales Operations Associate - USA

Lacy has ten years of operations experience, two of which were within the startup environment. She is an Army veteran and thrives on developing programs for process improvement. She has a passion for service and helping people, and hopes, one day, to be able to make a difference. Lacy holds her undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Information Systems with Texas A&M University in Central Texas. 

Lacey McDaniel Headshot-2.jpg

Lacey McDaniel

Marketing Manager - USA

Lacey has nearly a decade of experience helping disaster survivors while working at FEMA; and 10+ years creating and executing marketing strategies across various organizations. She specializes in taking a client-focused approach to connecting all areas of an organization to produce better quality products, services, marketing, sales, and post-sales activities. She has an undergraduate degree from Missouri State University and an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Todd Komanetsky s.jpg

Todd Komanetsky

Director of Platform Partnerships - USA

Todd has been working with tech startups for the last 6 years, driving strategy & operations, focused around commercialization and go to market strategies.  Todd has a broad background in supply chain, contract manufacturing, sales, support and operations.   Prior to working with startups, Todd held a number of senior roles with global capital equipment companies in the thin film solar, semiconductor, automotive and research & development markets.  In his last three startups Todd drove complex go to market partner strategies, developing a system of systems to address complex new market issues. 

Julia .jpg

Julia Christie

Event Coordinator - USA

Julia is a recent graduate from Indiana University earning her degree in Event Management. Previous employers describe Julia as a “committed and invested individual that will never give less than her full effort.” She enjoys traveling, dancing, and yoga in her free time.


Product Management


Brooks Shannon

VP of Product Management - USA

14-year career in public safety, driven by a passion in leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Served in many leading market facing roles including Lead Software Engineer, Director of Software Development, Senior Product Manager, Vice President of Next-Gen Core Services Product Development for organizations including BullBerry Systems, GeoComm and INdigital. Designed and developed tactical PSAP and in-vehicle mapping applications for telecommunicators and first responders; GIS data management tools; Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) core services, geospatial call routing software; 3D mapping and indoor location with the latter with a focus on university campuses; Text to-and-from 9-1-1 solution; and a PSAP disaster recovery and resiliency backup call handling solution.

Has worked closely for over 8 years with industry groups such as the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) and other organizations to develop technical standards for NG9-1-1 and the future or emergency response. Is co-chair of both NENA’s Location Validation Function Consistency working group and the Data Structures Committee Regularly presents at state, national and international conferences on industry trends, best practices and lessons learned related to NG9-1-1 and GIS.


Jamie Algatt

Principal Product Manager - USA

Jamie brings over 23 years’ technical and operational experience in the public safety industry with deep experience in deploying industrial-scale solutions for large and complex agencies. Past work and experience includes performing the duties of a police and training officer, as well as transitioning that experience to the Private Sector. His expertise includes CAD, RMS, Mobile and Analytics. Jamie has managed the strategy and vision for Law Records, Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence, Analytic and Predictive Analysis software applications. His vast experience in US, Federal and International Public Safety and Security activities provides a diverse understanding of the constantly changing needs of technology in Public Safety and Homeland Security. His in-depth knowledge of UCR, NIBRS, StatsCanada, British Common Law, and international crime data collection is unparalleled.


Lidia Finn

Product Manager - South Africa

Lidia has been working with cross functional teams for the past 10 years, focusing on product management in the last 3 years. She loves working in a fast-paced environment and creating functional products using lean and agile methods. She is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master.


John Beasley

Product Owner/Business Analyst - USA

John has 13 years of experience with GIS, supporting US Army and DoD intelligence efforts and, most recently, ATCOG’s 9-1-1 Program. Additionally, he has four years of project management experience with USAICoE and ATCOG. He is actively involved in NENA and currently serves as Data Structures Committee Co-Chair and CLDXF Working Group Co-Chair. He looks forward to the ability to help revolutionize Public Safety efforts.


Alberto Vargas

Product Manager, Analytics - USA

Alberto brings over a decade of experience in software development having worked in technology companies of all sizes. As a product manager, he has launched numerous successful products and improved many more. His product philosophy is based on creating extraordinary value by being customer and user focused. Most recently, Alberto launched two enterprise grade SaaS analytics products. These products helped customers measure past performance, predict future opportunities and integrate data into their decision workflows. He has also dipped his toes into Artificial Intelligence launching an NLP microservice product that classified issues and determined user sentiment. From the technology perspective, Alberto is interested in the practical application of neural networks and deep learning. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from the Acton School of Business.


Thanel Voigt

Business Analyst, Product Owner - South Africa

Thanel has 6 years experience as a Business Systems Analyst, mainly in the financial services industry. However, she spent the last year studying in the UK, pursuing an MPhil in Technology Policy. Prior to that, she worked at Barclays Africa as a Product Owner in their CIB Digital team here in Cape Town. She is originally from Pretoria, but there's no place like Cape Town for her- perhaps because she’s easily bribe-able with a good bottle of wine.


Ian Austin

Associate Product Manager of Customer Experience - South Africa

With over 10 years experience in the emergency medical services industry, Ian has a proven commitment to serving the community. He has a keen interest in identifying problems and developing solutions, as shown in his leadership and management in Community Medics, where he serves as a Trustee and Operational Adviser and Emergica, as a Founding and Managing Director.

Ian has excellent technical knowledge and experience in guiding strategic IT infrastructure development in the finance, emergency medical services, hospitality and commercial property sectors. He holds qualifications in IT Networking, Business Project Management and as an Intermediate Life Support Medic. Along with his professional and academic experiences, Ian utilizes his passion for quality and performance, to guarantee our customers an excellent experience at RapidDeploy.

Thule Zitha.jpg

Thule Zitha

Associate Product Owner - South Africa

Thule has near 7 years of experience as a Product Owner and Business Analyst in IT projects. His work background has been largely in fintech, but he has also done projects in the automotive industry. He obtained his qualification in Information Technology from the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. He also possess a Diploma in Business Analysis from Faculty Training Institute, and is certified as a product owner by the Scrum Alliance Institute.

Righardt Schroeder.jpg

Righardt Schroeder

Associate Product Owner - South Africa

Righardt's journey in the software industry kicked off with humble beginnings in 2015. His collective experience spans across multiple disciplines that form a core part of the typical Software Development Life Cycle. Since initially joining his first tech start up, focused on payments/digital banking as a UX/UI Designer, he soon worked his way through to filling the role of Scrum Master for the creative team. In the beginning of 2018 he was exposed to the world of business analysis, which was for a property development project, followed by heading up test-coordination efforts prior to the release of the native mobile booking app in 2019. There came a natural pivot in his career, where he realized his passion for working with client- business- and various other stakeholders involved in software initiatives to solve real-world problems. Conclusively, he became the Product Owner on his first project, while regularly wearing his creative, analytical and coordination hats interchangeably. Although he is new to the public safety sector, he is very excited to have joined RapidDeploy as a Product Owner and being able to contribute to a product that brings situational awareness and efficiency to any emergency, across the globe.


Natasha Smith

UX Engineer/ Designer - South Africa

Originally an architect by profession and got into UX (User Experience) way back in 2011 with a bit of a leap of faith and well the rest is history as they say. She’s worked for a range of agencies and financial institutions on an expanse of different work for an array of clients. Working with users - meeting them, talking to them and seeing how they relate things to daily life situations as well as understanding how they think and behave, essentially the “why” of things is an amazing feeling especially when research exploration clicks in one’s mind while designing.

She likes to keep things simple, is detailed oriented, open-minded and no work done is ever wasted. She’s a complete sports nut and truly excited to join an organisation/team that genuinely makes a difference.

Chanel Vallun.jpg

Chanel Vallun

Release Coordinator - South Africa

Chanel recently graduated as a Mechatronic Engineer. She spent the last 2 years designing and implementing a Production Efficiency Monitoring solution for the manufacturing industry namely, Pringles, an OEM manufacturer for BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Coca Cola and more. She enjoys working in a fast-paced and challenging environment to constantly improve products.




Ivor Chalton

Senior Solutions Architect - South Africa

Ivor has been involved in all aspects of software product development for almost two decades. He specialises in engineering scalable, high-throughput systems on an enterprise level, and as solutions-architect provides technical strategy, design, development and guidance to the software-engineering team. He comes predominantly from the fast-paced payments and switching industries, but left that world to make a difference to people’s lives at RapidDeploy.


Justin Jensen

Solutions Architect - USA

Justin has over 15 years’ experience implementing complex enterprise architectures in software developer, integration architect, and solution architect roles. His career started in the telecommunications, medical billing and fin-tech industries and later moved to state & local government, delivering IT modernisation projects for revenue, child welfare, motor vehicles, and unemployment insurance agencies. Recently his passion and focus has been cloud infrastructure and architecture design for the North American public safety industry with emphasis on standards-based integration patterns, IoT, and emerging NG9-1-1 technologies.


Chad Leeper

Engineering Manager - USA

Chad is a U.S. Army veteran and has over 21 years of software engineering experience across a variety of companies ranging from small government contractors to large corporations like Dell. He has written software for military simulations, digital video recording, GPS devices, websites, and large SaaS solutions for customer support call centers. He has an Agile development mindset and puts a strong emphasis on using automated testing to produce highly reliable software. Chad believes in RapidDeploy’s mission and is honored to play a part in making Cloud Aided Dispatch the new norm.


Andrew Grooms

Senior IoT Software Engineer - USA

Andrew has both depth and breadth of experience as a system architect and software engineer across multiple sectors including DOD/government, healthcare, finance/fintech,  education, retail/e-commerce, risk management/insurance, telecom, logistics, and hardware and software. Andrew is a factotum in the software industry, he has done everything from building C-Store Point-of-Sale and fuel management integration to the architectural and legal teams for Europe’s Payment Service Directive. Waypoints include:  dozens of eCommerce sites, biometric gateway, package delivery logistics, class leading fin-tech applications, digital marketing; solo projects to enterprise wide in a variety of hardware and software platforms.  

Mike Kyle.jpg

Mike Kyle

IoT Platform Operations Manager - USA

As an Air Force veteran, Mike has 10 years of professional work with long haul communications and computer networking. After military service and graduating with a degree in information security, he dove back into government work as a contractor administering and engineering computer networks in Virginia and Hawaii. Those efforts led to integration consulting for state and local government in Austin, TX and an introduction to the 9-1-1 space helping design and build an NG-9-1-1 compliant network. Lately he has expanded these skills to include virtualization, network programming, cloud computing, IoT, architecture, and many other interesting technical facets.


Yves Bamani

Senior Software Engineer - South Africa

From his first 386 processor from Intel, Yves knew he wanted to be in the IT field. Ever since, he has been programming and hacking code to get through. With a huge variety of programming languages under his belt and over 17 years of experience, he uses his knowledge to push RapidDeploy to be a world class Computer Aided Dispatch system.


Jozua Kloppers

Senior Software Engineer - South Africa

Jozua Started his career at Telkom in 2009, working on legacy systems using classis asp, JavaScript and SQL Server. He then moved on to Litmus Digital in 2013, developing leading edge web and mobile recruitment solutions, using .NET, MVC, Web API 2, jQuery and various AWS Service. In 2016 he was a Delegate at the IST Africa Conference where he presented his publication named “Citizen engagement in Cape Town’s transition towards a smart city”. He is currently working at RapidDeploy, in the R&D team, implementing strategic integrations and delivering quality software.


Michelle Gordon

Senior Database Administrator - South Africa

Michelle has been working as a database administrator since 2000. She studied engineering and found her studies and work experience in online gaming and ecommerce has helped with the problem solving skills needed to be a good DBA. Her interest in working at RapidDeploy stemmed from wanting to work in an industry that benefits the community.


Riaan Swart

Senior Database Administrator - South Africa

Riann has worked in the IT sector for the past eighteen years, occupying various positions within companies and enterprises ranging from financial institutions to telecommunications. His expertise extends from development to database administration, primarily focusing on the database. His experience lies predominantly in the finance industry. He has strong enthusiasm for solving problems, from initial identification of obstacles, to engineering and finally implementing the solution in order to create a better experience for the customer. He has worked in diverse locales in South Africa, from small towns to metropoles, and has worked for a major telecommunications company in the USA.


Michael du Preez

DevOps Engineer - South Africa

Michael previously worked as a DevOps Engineer at WiGroup, where he worked with various software stacks (MEAN, Java, Laravel, etc.). He has 3 years experience in DevOps and just over 10 years’ experience in IT Infrastructures and Networks. 20 years’ experience in Windows systems and 4 years with Linux. He has been working for the past 3-4 years on Amazon Web Service in both DevOps roles and as a Solutions Architect, where I have used my experience to build and deploy various architects and solutions for Software companies with a keen interest in deploying Continuous Delivery models. Outside of working hours he is a Trance DJ with 9 years experience. Also part of South Africa based Dirkie Coetzee’s “We Are Trance” Record Label. He also has been a Ballroom and Latin Dancer for the past year, and spend a lot of time at gym (fitness freak).

Andrie Swart.jpg

Andrie Swart

DevOps Engineer - South Africa

Andrie is a passionate technology expert with over 17 years cross-functional experience in retail, fintech, telco and managed IT service verticals. He is an avid public cloud and DevOps evangelist, with about 4 years experience in infrastructure automation and containerization; with prior experience in networking, security and data center infrastructure. His past roles have been focused around DevOps, solutions design, pre-sales and enterprise delivery. 


Luke Green

Software Engineer - South Africa

Luke is a full stack software developer with 14 years’ experience – with half that time spent contracting in London. He has a range of experience building many different types of applications within many different industries, ranging from financial to advertising to housing.

Cameron Plimsoll 667x1000.jpg

Cameron Plimsoll

Software Engineer - South Africa

Cameron’s work history has been exclusively within the fintech industry dealing with banks throughout Africa, I’m really excited to be part of an organization that actually makes a difference. He loves to be constantly challenged and learning new skills as well as passing on knowledge gained throughout my experience.


Wessel Jacobs

Software Engineer - South Africa

Wessel is a Full Stack Software Engineer from Cape Town, with just shy of 4 years industry experience. He holds a BS in Information Technology from the University of Freestate. He has experience with Angular, C#, JavaScript & SaaS. Before joining RapidDeploy, he helped to develop and maintain a National Integrated Permit Administration System (NIPAS) for his family owned company, Marsel Entrepreneurs. His previous experience includes having implemented and delivered a total of 8 projects within a period of 17 months - most of the time spent developing was within the Node environment. His projects included a Hybrid Mobile Application, a plethora of AngularJS Web Applications and a full scale Server Side ASP.NET implementation accompanied by a Sitefinity CMS.


Henry John Nieuwenhuizen

Software Engineer - South Africa

Originally from Bredasdorp, John is a 29-year-old full stack developer with 10 years’ experience in a range of industries: Education, finance, legal and gambling. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, making music, playing video games, coding and cooking. He is extremely passionate about the public safety industry and is looking forward to helping people with his skills.

Corne Bester.jpg

Corne Bester

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - South Africa

Corne studied electrical engineering and has experience in private data centers delivering low latency market data for 13+ years. He joined SME for the next 7+ years, as the first team lead for the standardization of their local cloud-based SaaS and development environments. In the years following, he became an Infrastructure Architect/DevOps Lead for some hybrid cloud initiatives across AWS, Azure and on-premise projects.


Khelly Marais

Software Tester - South Africa

Khelly supports Rapid Deploy’s Quality Assurance & Testing team. Since the age of 13, when Khelly received her first computer, her inquisitive mind had to know how it all worked, She knew that she had found her place in the world of computing/IT. After completing her BS Computer Systems, she submerged herself in the Software and Support environments. She has 5 years of experience in Software Application Support, Product Support, User Testing/Troubleshooting along with MS Word Design Consulting for SharePoint Word Template integrations.


Yusuf Isaacs

Mobile Developer - South Africa

Before joining RapidDeploy, Yusuf worked in the education sector for 6 years. During that time, he also developed an Android app that received media attention. The app addressed a social issue, which is why he is drawn to RapidDeploy.


Weylin Renison

Android Developer - South Africa

Weylin has worked on projects in various industries both on servers and android applications with a strong focus around location services and data. The most notable ones ranging across the transportation, city planning and emergency response sectors. He has always had a passion for helping make a difference during an emergency situation and at one stage had started a venture focusing on crowd sourcing first responders which later got taken over by a Canadian Co-op going by the name Brave at which point I stayed on to help fight the American Opioid epidemic. He also built systems for transport and city planners in Cape Town and other regions are using to quantify and plan transportation needs. He is most skilled at android development and has co-founded 2 businesses.


Ngoni Munyaradzi

Android Developer - South Africa

Ngoni has worked as an Android mobile developer for the last 6 years within teams of varying size. He has in-depth knowledge on the full development life cycle of mobile applications. He’s worked on a number of applications that span multiple sectors and incorporate novel functionality. 


Dexter Timm

Head of Business Intelligence - South Africa

Dexter has a rich history in the call center space, where he has worked for Virgin Active, The Carphone Warehouse and most recently, Western Cape Emergency Medical Services. During his time there he looked after 6 call centers across the province and ran the BI department, which designed the strategy for the organisation.

His main focus in the EMS environment is to optimize the organizations efficiency through delivering a strategy that enables people in need of critical care to get attended to as soon as possible. Dexter’s EMS knowledge and call center experience make him one of the very few that can fully optimize an EMS organization.


Calvin Naidoo

GIS Analyst - South Africa

Calvin worked in the Emergency Service sector whilst studying for his degree in Information systems. He started off in the data analytics field at Lentegeur Hospital, measuring all EMS vehicle and crew performance as well as ensuring effective EMS response time by means of data analytics and report creation.

He then progressed to working at a provincial level for the Western Cape Government at the Emergency Communication Centre at Tygerberg Hospital, where he measured all the EMS for the Province, using a large array of Microsoft BI tools. With a natural knack for Geographic information Systems, he became a GIS technologist.


Juan Potter

Lead IOS Developer - South Africa

Juan is an iOS engineer with over 4 years’ experience, an Apple acolyte and lover of all things mobile. He is always looking to improve his skills and is constantly learning new things - the latest of which is Android development. He has worked on apps that were featured by the App Store; frameworks used by government and banking clients, rapid application development tools and an E-commerce app that is consistently in the top charts of the South African App Store.

In his free time he enjoys building and flying FPV drones, mountain biking & teaching or training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Siyawandisa Kondile

Software Developer - South Africa

Originally from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape, Siyawandisa is a full stack software developer (Javascript libraries/frameworks and .NET), with 14 years of experience building software solutions ranging from business administration and reservation systems in the tourism industry to safety and compliance in the telematics space. He has a passion for solving business and social problems using latest technology tools. Currently learning all that he can in the tech space.

In his spare time he enjoys music, running and gardening.


Mario Matthee

Head of Testing - South Africa

He is originally from Somerset-West (50km outside of Cape Town) and moved to the city 15 years ago. He was trained as a software developer but soon realized my passion for the testing of code. Test automation has always played a critical role in his projects. He just loves the concept of clicking one button and see stuff happen. After 18 years of using test automation, it still puts a smile on his face when he sees it in action.

His family keeps him very busy: wife and three kids aged, 7-9-11. Due to a non-disclosure agreement my wife’s age cannot be mentioned.

He has a great sense of humor, and what he does at work must be fun. Over weekends you will find him doing some DIY on his two year “fix-me-up-property” project that is now in its fifth year. From a fitness perspective: he only run if someone chases him, otherwise he likes some cycling and making a guest appearance at the local gym. His other big passion is motorcycles.


Brett Pather

Senior iOS Developer - South Africa

Stepping into an iOS engineer role, he has been working on Mobile products in the Gambling, Fintech and Publishing industries for 7 years. He’s excited to contribute to the fantastic mission at RapidDeploy. He has a keen interest on making all things as configurable as possible using different architectures, design and code testability when building apps. He’s originally from Durban and been here for 3 years. He’s always looking for Cape Town’s greatest spots for food, outdoors and hidden surf treasures. In his spare time, he is often doing all things outdoors, such as playing soccer and surfing; as well as up-skilling in technologies like Flutter and Android.


Faizel Jabaar

Software Developer - South Africa

Faizel was born and bred in Cape Town and has just turned 27. He is still fairly new to software development with little over two and a half years’ experience in industry. He began his career as an automation tester but switched to development after one year. His work history in software development has only been at one company so far. The projects range from CMS system to fintech applications using payment gateways to data integration platform, all built using .NET framework. He is looking forward to growing more as developer under the guidance of the architects at RD.

When not in the office he is an advent runner and hoping to run his first marathon in 2019. In his free time you can catch him sleeping, gaming, watching anime, reading manga/comics, MEMES. Also, not forgetting, he has a very dark sense of humour. P.S. Die-hard Stormers and Bokke fan!


Danielle Mascher

Engineering Manager - South Africa

Danielle has spent over 14 years in Information Technology roles from development & architecture to departmental management where she was responsible for providing leadership for the continued development of innovative, creative, robust and secure development environments. She worked in various different industries, including finance, publishing & digital marketing, during which she was responsible for leading the development of projects across a variety of disciplines including product development, enterprise architecture, infrastructure, data management, e-commerce, web- and mobile application development. In her free time, she loves the mountains, running, cycling, hiking – anything active outside!

Faghrudien Color.jpg

Faghrudien Schroeder

Software Tester - South Africa

Faghrudien has 13 years of experience it IT and been living in Cape Town for 32 years and counting. He has worked with various companies namely Hewlard Packard and Sharpspring. He has experience in networking and software support. He enjoys new challenges and currently pursuing experience in coding and certification in software testing. He has done some work in USA and worked remotely with various clients and development teams all over the world. He loves working with different clients and colleagues which makes it a unique experience. He enjoys travelling and hope to travel soon to a new destination in the near future.

Walter bw (2).jpg

Zain Glenn

Test Automotion Engineer - South Africa

Zain was born and raised in Cape Town. He completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Systems Engineering and is currently working on his post graduate degree in the same area. He is a certified RPA Developer, Agile Professional and an ISTQB Certified Tester. As a Test Automation Engineer, he has experience in building test automation frameworks and creating automations on multiple applications (Desktop, Web, Mobile, API, Performance). In his free time, he loves travelling with his partner to learn about different cultures and have new experiences; while finding the time to find blue beaches and white sand for some relaxation.

Pierre Color.jpg

Pierre Geldenhuys

Software Engineer - South Africa

Pierre is a .NET C# developer with 10 years of experience in the retail and fintech industries. He has experience working with stock allocation, supplier trade term, and asset management systems, but recently, he has been focusing on software architecture, .NET Core, and frontend frameworks. In his after-hours, he likes to play the guitar, body-weight train and to hang out with his Staffordshire terriers.

Clayton Saville.jpg

Clayton Saville

Second Line Support Engineer - South Africa

Clayton has spent my entire career performing support roles, he started out as a help desk operator for an eCommerce website before moving onto 1st line IT Support, IT Support and then taking a leap into the unknown by moving to Payment Switching support, supporting some of South Africa’s largest Payment Service Providers.

Chad Cook Color.jpg

Chad Cook

Test Automation Engineer - South Africa

Chad has experience working in the computer software industry as a QA Automation Engineer and is currently working towards a post graduate degree in Computer Systems Engineering. He is a certified ISTQB Certified Tester, Agile Professional and RPA Developer. He is also passionate about travelling and gaining new experiences.

Mikha'il Hathey Color.jpg

Mikha’il Hathey

Manual Test Analyst - South Africa

Mikha’il has a National Diploma in Information and Communication Development, where he worked as a mobile device salesman and started beta testing and crowd-sourced beta testing. He worked at Amazon as Digital Technical Support. Mikhail then moved to DVT as a manual test analyst, which lead to him co-founding the GTC/ITAC Xplore Testing Service. He is also an ISTQB and ICAgile Certified Tester.