Advantages of RapidDeploy

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Easy and Fast to Deploy

Easy and fast to deploy and configure to your agency’s needs. No more multi-year implementation and customization projects.

Affordable for Agencies of All Sizes

No more expensive hardware and on-premise infrastructure that breaks the bank for smaller agencies. We democratize 9-1-1 and Public Safety.

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Rich in Features

Features, interfaces, and integration are always up-to-date. No More scheduled downtime for patches and coin-operated interface fees.

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Highly Resilient

Highly resilient with best-in-class cybersecurity. No more reliance on single point of failure and vulnerable infrastructure.


Support Responders & Save More Lives

Our Mission is to democratize 911 centers, reduce response times for all, and

to improve safety of everyone by increasing situational awareness.


Take Your Agency to the Future

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