Smarter is safer. AT&T is the smarter choice for modern NG9-1-1 infrastructure. AT&T now teams up with RapidDeploy to offer Cloud Aided Dispatch software to complement their mission critical connectivity solutions (NG9-1-1 ESInet as well as FirstNet) and NG9-1-1 call handling equipment.

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Azure Government offers unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough innovation for US government agencies and their partners, with world-class security, protection, and compliance. RapidDeploy is a certified Microsoft One Commercial Partner.

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Together with RapidDeploy, Samsung is building the high-tech first-responder system of the future. RapidDeploy’s products and first-responder culture complement Samsung’s devices and network infrastructure that provide real time communication the way emergency service providers demand.”

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APD is the most innovative control room integrator in both the UK and United Arab Emirates. The collaboration between APD and RapidDeploy brings together complementary, cloud-based technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of critical control operations.

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