Our Cloud Aided Dispatch Solutions:



A comprehensive dispatch platform for call-takers, dispatchers and responders that offers all features of Tier 1 CADs and much more, including artificial intelligence workflows and unprecedented situational awareness.

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EDGe analytics

A future-proof analytics solution that ingests your phone and CAD data into the cloud and generates unique insights and reports, including predictive and prescriptive analytics supported by Artificial Intelligence.

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Radius Mapping

A best in class tactical mapping solution that leverages a deep ESRI integration and a variety supplemental location data sources, optimized for use by 9-1-1 call-takers.

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Advantages of RapidDeploy

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Easy and Fast to Deploy

Easy and fast to deploy and configure to your agency’s needs. No more multi-year implementation and customization projects.

Affordable for Agencies of All Sizes

No more expensive hardware and on-premise infrastructure that breaks the bank for smaller agencies. It democratizes 9-1-1 Centers.

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Rich in Features

Features, interfaces, and integration are always up-to-date. No More scheduled downtime for patches and coin-operated interface fees.

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Highly Resilient

Highly resilient with best-in-class cybersecurity. No more reliance on single point of failure and vunerable infrastructure.



Our Product Philosophy

1. We’re Accessible

The only hardware you’ll need on site is our patented Emergency Data Gateway (EDG) device that will connect to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

2. We Believe Every Public Safety Agency Deserves the Best Solution

We’re democratizing Public Safety and provide Tier 1 solutions that are affordable to agencies of all sizes. We don’t sell different tiered systems based on your size or budget.

3. We let you Configure our system To Your Needs

We enable countless configuration capabilities so that you can adapt the platform to your needs instead of charging you for lengthy and complex software customization projects.

4. We Interface Seamlessly

We offer unlimited interfaces to third party integrations as a standard feature on the platform instead of charging extra for each additional interface

5. We Always Keep You Up To Date

You’ll always automatically be on the newest release version, we don’t believe in in expensive and complex version upgrades

6. We’re User-Friendly

We believe in a modern, intuitive user interface that minimizes your training needs, instead of trying to replicate complicated workflows from legacy CAD products.

7. We Continuously Improve

We follow a collaborative Product Development process. Our product is ever-evolving, and our customer’s feature requests make it stronger every day.


Take Your Agency to the Future

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